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Transportation Modeling & Sustainable Planning

In the fields of Transportation and Logistics, mathematical models that can meet the needs of the management in full scope are created and the efficiency of future investments is analyzed with the models established.


Simulation & Intersection Design

Simulation-based analyzes are performed at intersections, which are one of the most important elements in the formation of traffic, and signal optimizations and geometric designs are suggested and jams are prevented.


Feasibility & Financing Studies

Financial and economic evaluations of urban and intercity transportation structures are carried out in accordance with all required specifications and demands, financing suggestions are made and consultancy services are provided in this regard.


Public Transport & Mobility Planning

Public transportation line optimizations, cycle path plans, pedestrian priority plans and mobility analyzes are carried out in order to prevent urban traffic problems, provide a sustainable transportation system and increase human health.


Transportation Study & Project Planning

In city and intercity highway, tunnel, railway etc. The traffic to be planned by the planned road structures is calculated, investment costs and environmental impacts are evaluated, alternatives are proposed and analyzed.


Traffic Circulation Design

Based on transportation plans, environmental and social factors, simulation and modeling based circulation analyzes are provided with alternative needs for the purpose of preventing traffic congestion and area assessment.


Traffic Impact Assessment

Shoping Center, Business Center, Mass Housing etc. Circulation alternatives are proposed by analyzing the effects of high traffic generating structures on the road network around them with the help of simulation and modeling studies.


Intelligent Transportation and Intersection Design

In order to implement smart transportation systems, which is one of the most effective methods of managing traffic, field studies such as on-site analysis, detailed counting, speed studies are carried out and system recommendations are made.


Logistics System & Security Design

Along with the layout and operation design of Logistics Centers and structures, the effects of traffic within these systems are analyzed within the framework of safe transportation, and smart and sustainable alternatives are offered.


About Us

Our company was established in 2017 and its knowledge and experience are based on much longer years. Transportation Engineering, Logistics Planning, Mobility Sustainability and Development, Intelligent Transportation and Intersection Design, Feasibility and Risk Analysis etc. provides services in the sector with Academicians, Higher Engineers, City Planners and expert Consultants with international achievements.

Our Mission

To establish a healthy communication with the customer, to carry out Engineering, consultancy, survey, planning, feasibility and supervision services in the best way, to be in long term cooperation with our customers, with responsibility for the results of the services we produce with today's modern business management approach.



With our strong staff equipped with sufficient theoretical knowledge and also having practical experience; To be one of the most important companies that continuously renew themselves, produce accurate, effective and economic solutions with scientific rules and principles, act in accordance with professional ethics in an impartial and ineffective manner, and provide engineering and consultancy services in the international arena.






Solution Partners



İzmir Sustainable Urban Logistics Master Plan


Main Office

Çamlaraltı Mah. Hüseyin Yılmaz Cd. Pamukkale Teknoloji Geliştirme Merkezi (Teknokent), B-10 Pamukkale/Denizli


Office: (0258) 215 51 21

Mobil: (0543) 391 5793


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